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    Really strong practice can pay off. During the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I practiced for hours. In that case, I got good at the basics of drum-set.
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    Self learning of Instruments

    I learn some drum and guitar stuff from YouTube. However, I can pick up some stuff by ear.
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    Lesson Posting Rules

    Yeah, really "in your face" ads.
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    No, actually I was on guitar from 7th grade on. Drums started my sophomore year of high school, and drum-set, my junior year.
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    Natural talent

    Breathing problems stopped me on trumpet and sax. Anyway, that has nothing to do with "the idea of talent", though.
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    Most people specialize, but some can actually do more than one. Anyway, a lot of people can do one really well, but maybe aren't so great at others, but not terrible. Well, just a guess. Myself, I'm really good on drums and so so on guitar. However, though, I could improve on my other...
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    Post waiting time

    I've heard complaints on several of my forums - but I don't really get it. I mean, the post time isn't that much.
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    I make a lot of music lessons, but rarely play. Basically, the music is all in my head. Nonetheless, though, for more difficult stuff - having it wrote down - doesn't equal playing ability (needs actual practice).
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    Natural talent

    I'm not sure if a thing such as talent exists. I mean, have people put in the time (for practice)?
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    Cleaning & Tuning

    I used to change the strings on my guitar. However, though, I'd probably get a pro to tune the drums - even though I can play well. Well, I guess I just need to learn to tune!
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    Practical makes sense.
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    Glad to be here

    I always liked the flute solo on this song:
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    Musically inclined

    Well, the bass guitar, generally speaking, has the same fingering as the lower strings of a guitar Also, if you can read piano music - then you have a heads up on learning any instrument - and if you can read bass guitar music - you can learn bass instruments (tuba, French horn, etc.). Anyway...
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    Lesson Posting Rules

    In order to gain some self-respect for the forum - no spammy tabs will be allowed - even if it's good stuff. However, if it appears that the video isn't directly aimed toward a profit - then fine.