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  1. killamch89

    What you do first on waking up

    The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is, to turn on some tunes and do some exercises.
  2. killamch89

    Do you prefer used or new instruments?

    This question depends on many different factors so there is no straightforward answer to this. If buying used instruments, you will want to ensure that the instrument is in excellent condition and to test out the instrument beforehand to ensure it is fully functional. If the instrument is new...
  3. killamch89

    How long can you listen to rock music?

    Depending on the activity and the type of song, it is several hours of listening for me. For example, when I'm working out it can be 2-3 hours. Rock always gets me amped when I'm ready to work out.
  4. killamch89

    Favorite Song in the last 20 years and why

    My favorite Rock song is "Numb" by Linkin Park. The reason I choose this song as my favorite is the message of wanting to be an individual but cultural upbringing/societal norms try to place every individual in a box. It leaves you feeling numb inside. What is your favorite song in the past 20...
  5. killamch89

    Do you agree that rock songs are very inspiring?

    Not all the songs are very inspiring or rather, they give the wrong inspiration. For example, some of the songs promote sex and violence and drugs while others are very uplifting. For example, Evanescence makes very uplifting songs like "bring me to life" or Linkin Park's "Numb" are very...
  6. killamch89

    Marley & the Wailers - Burnin'

    It is about the conscious message of not being a slave to the system and to always be considerate towards your fellow human. Get up, Stand up is a song that reminds you that you the individual should exercise your rights and stand up to oppression.
  7. killamch89

    The Impact Of Reggae/Dancehall Music on Youths

    Dancehall has somewhat away from its original purpose as a voice for the oppressed to promoting violence and immoral behavior. The industry promotes only what makes money - it is no longer about the conscious message. The Elite will not care as long as their pockets are filled.
  8. killamch89

    is Reggae good for the brain?

    Reggae music is very soothing and relaxing. It can make you forget your troubles in that moment - It has the power to disrupt negative thoughts and leaves you in a state of bliss. Sometimes, you may even enter a somewhat reflective state. Reggae has touched the lives of millions across the world...
  9. killamch89

    Why do some people relate Reggae to drugs?

    The perception came from the fact that the more famous Reggae artists back in the 60's-70's like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh promoted Marijuana heavily in their music. In fact, they used to use Marijuana before they performed on stage so from that era onwards the stereotype was formed.