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  1. Giffy


    I'm not really a candy person because of the tooth problem one encounter in trying to eat more of it so I'm a bit restrictive but the chewy chocolate get me on a very good day
  2. Giffy

    What you do first on waking up

    The first thing I do is to pray, I know it always difficult to get out for exercises so I do mine mostly indoors so after prayers is my routine exercises and taking my bath comes next.
  3. Giffy

    Is it easy or hard?

    Nothing is so easy to do and music isn't one of the easiest thing especially if it what one the public to appreciate then it must be cooked well to be palatable just Like the food we need to consume. Making R/B song Isn't but its doable.
  4. Giffy

    How long can you listen to rock music?

    I'm a super fan of Rock music and I don't mind stopping by any way to music to one that I love to hear. I have been listening to rock music for ages now as least I know so we'll about that. You can listen a genre for so long so what you really have passion for.
  5. Giffy

    Do you agree that rock songs are very inspiring?

    Definitely there are inspiring to me not just the jazz a lot,I believe music maybe good music as a whole is really inspiring. I just nice the lyrics and the way it is sound especially if it carries the message of hope.
  6. Giffy

    What do you like about posting on forums

    Yea,forum is a great place to find out about the prices of things, its effectiveness and the brand to buy.one can really know the brand to buy from all the information supplied by fellow forum members.it really an educative ground.
  7. Giffy

    Budget for cymbals

    The last time a friend bought his was about $250 and that was about a year ago so I wouldn't know if it has been increased or decreased now.Like every other thing we budget to buy it can be applicable here,just find out the price and then starts keeping aside some Money to get one.
  8. Giffy

    Do you prefer used or new instruments?

    I prefer to buy new things whenever I'm making a purchase and buying a new instrument inclusive. If my money wouldn't be enough I save more so I can still purchase it in future.I wouldn't want a bad instrument at all because it will be unwise to spend more money repairing it.
  9. Giffy

    Do you smoke?

    Great that you realise the bad implications or the disadvantages of inhaling smoke on time and not just knowing about it but went a notch higher in stopping it against all odd. Smoking is killing and I hope others will come to terms with this.
  10. Giffy

    What does it takes to be a good song writer

    You are right of course a good song writer must be able to infused almost all the components of a song and makes it outstanding to catch the interest of the listeners or hearers. Making the attributes to be great proportion is also very important.
  11. Giffy


    I love pizza alot especially when I need a good snack to sooth my sweet tooth,I go for it and I like my meat and veggie toppings it can very sweet and yummy.I like taking mine midday and I enjoy it better then.
  12. Giffy

    What is the weather like right now?

    The weather in my country now is cool and breezy since it night now and I'm enjoying nature at its best at least the scorching sun as gone to rest giving way to this cool and refreshing weather.
  13. Giffy

    A genre of music you don't care for

    Well,I believe we can't love all genre of music equally though I don't necessarily hate any because I blend with all but at the time can do without one which is the rap genre especially when the rapper is too fast it makes listening to become very boring. One hardly grab what the music is all about.
  14. Giffy

    Reasons why I love music

    I see music as a universal language and the only way to express my self better especially when I'm not really in the mood for any other thing, it helps uplift me and I can express myself better. It helps to liven my mood,give me a better upliftment and brings about a better way of communication...
  15. Giffy

    Bike riding!!

    I do,I have been doing this since my childhood when on my 10th birthday my parent got me kiddies bike and I got addicted to it,immediately I turn 18 I went for an adult bike with my friends and I have been riding for decades now.
  16. Giffy

    What do you like about posting on forums

    Posting to forums have come yo stay and it here with us.I love posting to forums because it helps me to express myself on diverse topics and somehow earn through especially for the paid forums. So why do you like posting to forums?
  17. Giffy

    What does it takes to be a good song writer

    We can use different skills now in the music industry to make money and one of such skill could be song writing. Writing good songs can net one good money if a big artist get to buy it off us.What does it takes for one to be a good song writer?
  18. Giffy

    Does R/B songs invoke your emotions

    I go through a different state of mind when I listen to good R/B songs.I always feel like falling in love with my partner even more and more and I become so exciting little a teen just falling in love again. Do you experience this emotional rush with listening to R/B Songs?
  19. Giffy

    What is the best kind of music to listen to while studying?

    I love very mild music which the lyrics are also meaningful so that it helps me concentrate on what I'm reading or studying. Cool music at the background when is reading is really great for the brain to assimilate more.
  20. Giffy

    Do you have any bad habits?

    The same way we have a good is also same way we do have a bad habit or habits as the case maybe. For me I have bad habit of spending Money as it comes which is very bad for a youth in his prime so I'm trying to stop that so as not to get hooked in the rainy days ahead.