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  1. luri

    A genre of music you don't care for

    I don'r like HipHop. I am so critical about this genre of music that I don't even consider it to be a msuci genre at all. I don't like HipHop music, I don't like HipHop dance, I even don't like HipHop fashion. Actually, I don't like anything about HipHop culture. I like rock music, I like pop...
  2. luri

    Deep Purple

    I am a fan of rock music and I love classic rock. The English band Deep Purple is one of my favorite rock bands. Deep Purple was founded long before I was born and I began listening to Deep Purple only in the 2000s. In fact, I did began listening rock musih only in the late 2000s.
  3. luri

    What does it takes to be a good song writer

    I started writing poems at the age of 14. I published a poetry collection at the age of 20. Until now, I have written over 100 poems. Howeve,r I never tried my hands on song writing. If you write poems writing a song is not very difficult, all you have to do is arrange the lines in a sequence...
  4. luri

    Classical Music while studying?

    When I was in college, I liked to play classicial music in the background while studying. The music I played were just instrumental, there was no lyrics. I listened to Indian classicial as well as western classical. However, I liked Indian classical more because I understood the Indian music...
  5. luri

    Difference between metal and rock music

    Your statement sounds funny, however, I tend to agree with you. The major difference between rock and metal is how the vicalistsings and how the msucicians play. Like you said, in the metal the vocoalist sounds angry and aggressive.
  6. luri

    Is Bob marley the greatest icon of Reggae music?

    I am not a fan of reggae music however, I like listening to Bob Marley. In fact the only reggae music I have ever listened to is from Bob Marley. I believe Bob Marley is the greatest icon of Reggae music. There was no one other like and there will be no other like him. His music is refreshing...
  7. luri

    Do you agree that rock songs are very inspiring?

    I find rock songs very inspiring. The lyrics in the rock songs are meaningful. The rock songs does not always talk about love, it takes about issues. take Another Brick in The Wall for instance. This song from Pink Floyd describes how we the people have become another brick in the wall, how we...
  8. luri

    Old rock songs.........

    I listen to rock music. My favorite rock music are from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I like classical rock, I do not listen to modern rock. My favorite rock band is The Doors. Road House cafe is my favorite song fro The Doors. My another favorite song is Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd. I also...
  9. luri

    First instrument!

    My first instrument was a flute. When I was a kid, my dad bought me a flute for my birthday because I insisted. However, I never learned how to play a flute. In my teen age years, I took interest in playing a guitar. I bought a guitar for myself with my pocket money. I enrolled for a guitar...
  10. luri

    Second-hand equipment.

    Well, there should not be a problem as long as the equipment is in good condition and cost you less than half the price of new equipment. However, I am not in a habit of using or buying a second hand equopment. I always want a new eqipment. I do not like the thought that the equipment I am using...
  11. luri

    How long can you listen to rock music?

    Generally speaking, I do not multi task. Therefore I do not listen to music while I am working. When I listen to music I only listen to music. I listen to music when I am in a walk or lying on the bed and trying to relax. In that sense, I listen to rock music as long as I am free and I am not...
  12. luri

    Why do some people relate Reggae to drugs?

    Not just reggae, but rock, metal, R n B etc are also connected with drugs. That's because the musicians were addicts themselves. It is common for rock and metal artists to do drugs during the performance. Music as a whole is connected with drugs because many artists have died from drug overdose...
  13. luri

    I cant listen to metal

    I also find metal too loud, however, I sometimes listen to ACDC and Metalica. They create great music. Their songs has good lyrics as well as good music.
  14. luri

    Lyrics of song

    When I am listening to music, the lyrics also matters to me. My best songs are the songs that have a great lyrics. Another Brick in the wall is my all time favorite music. It has a great lyrics. It tells about the plights of young people who are mistreated by the educational system. One of the...
  15. luri

    The Eagles

    I don't listen to the Eagles. The only Eagle song that I have listened to and can remember is Hotel California. Hotel California is a wonderful song. I never get tired of listening to this song. Can anyone guide me to Eagles?
  16. luri

    Classical music when sleeping

    I sometimes listen to classical music, however, I don't listen to western classical. I listen to Hindi classical music as well as nepali classical music. Classical music is a soft music, it soothes the nerves, it evokes pleasant emotions. I listen to classical music when I am experiencing...
  17. luri

    Do you agree that rock songs are very inspiring?

    Yes rock music is very liberating. Rock music inspires me all the time. The extreme emotion is always loud. When you are very happy, you cry loud. When you are in severe pain, you cry loud, when you are extremely sad, you cry loud. Rock music is a loud music. Rock music is the ultimate...
  18. luri

    Have you listned the Song " Heavy " By Linkin Park

    I don't listen to Linking Park too much. In fact, I don't even listen to Linking Park. I get to hear Linkin park only when their songs is played on the radio. Normally, I don't listen to the radio. I listen to radio only when driving. I did not know about this song. Now that you mentioned, I...
  19. luri

    What is your favorite folk rock group of all time ?

    The Doors is my favorite rock band of all time. The band collapsed when Jim Morrison died in 1971, the band stopped functioning. The band members were Jim, Ray, Robby, John, Rick and Pat. Rick and Pat were on the group briefly and after the death of Jim, Ray, Robby and John tried to revive the...
  20. luri

    How regularly do you listen to R&B?

    Even though I listen to R&B sometimes, R&B is not my favorite genre of music. In fact I don't listen to R&B much. However, when I am listening to R&B, I normally listen to Beyonce and Rhinna. Rock is my favorite genre of music and I listen to rock music all the times. My favorite R&B song is...