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  1. fishbate

    Do you prefer used or new instruments?

    In my opinion it really doesn't matter if its a new instrument or a second hand instrument. It's all about the quality of the sound and the functionality. I have both used and new instruments at home and they all worked for me.
  2. fishbate

    Is Bob marley the greatest icon of Reggae music?

    Its basically Bob Marley's passion and vision for reggae music that makes him an icon. He influenced a lot of people through his music and his story is really inspiring. His music was so adaptable by persons in different ages and genre. Even now his music live's...
  3. fishbate

    Multi Track Recording

    I have been a musician for quite sometime and i had my share of live experiences. From battle of the bands to a regular artist. Nowadays technology plays a big role in music production. One can actually have a music recording studio at home provided with some skills and equipment. I have been...
  4. fishbate

    Drum tuning

    I have been playing guitar since high school and the first significant method i learned is tuning it. Before tuners had been invented tuning an instrument is a skill because tuning back then is usually is a self taught thing. You have to remember a certain tone for you to adjust each string...
  5. fishbate

    First instrument!

    My first instrument was a guitar that was given to me as a gift by my dad. Although i was not interested at first, but when i got into music in highs school that's when i really made use of the guitar. Eventually my music blood kicks in and the rest is a life full of music.
  6. fishbate

    Green Day

    Basket Case for me! I love the beat of the song and its a classic punk rock with the lyrics of the new generation. I also love playing When i come around and 21 Guns, but Basket Case was a great influence to me when it comes to punk rock.
  7. fishbate


    All apologies was the first song i learned playing with a guitar from Nirvana, a simple song actually but its very unique back then. I also love Smells Like Teen Spirit a great way to jump around during the song;). Although the band didn't last that long due to the death of Kurt... Their music...
  8. fishbate

    The Eagles

    Of course the ever famous Hotel California...although i also love "New Kid In Town" and "Tequila Sunrise" , Hotel California is the most requested in most of my gigs. Specially the acoustic version where they re arranged and the guitar riffs. I also think that version is the killer and the...
  9. fishbate


    Radiohead's Creep was one of my most played song during my band days. I've been playing it still on occasions and events, its actually a great song even with just an acoustic version. Its really easy to play running in four chords. G-B-C-Cm , and that's about it...Nice to hear people who love's...
  10. fishbate

    A pleasant day to everyone...

    Hi there fishbate here, a former band member and a music lover. Happy to be here and looking forward for great discussions with you guys...Keep up the beat!