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    Negative influence

    I see. So you say music industry is pretty much like politics, involving corruption and other less clear situations? No surprise there to be honest @Jason, as wherever we see money involved (an music industry moves millions), there is always dishonesty. We get the good part I believe, the...
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    Negative influence

    Kids and teenagers don't think much, they just exist and do stuff without thinking. From a certain age on is when we start thinking. What do you mean about that @Jason, that looking at the music industry makes you more cynical?
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    Formal teaching......

    This is a very interesting question, but even if I don't have deep knowledge about this (or any knowledge at all haha), I dare to say that musicians have to be pretty much like business men, some didn't have classes to become the greatest, simply because it's something that runs in their blood...
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    Negative influence

    These days we can find on Youtube certain troll songs that are a dishonor to music, but kids love them and replicate them to exhaustion, so that's a really bad influence that gets totally under my skin, and I tell my kids not to sing them. LOL, I guess I am a strict dad. :)
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    Negative influence

    Yeah, quite right. My biggest musical influence was my older brother, as I always listened to the songs he did, so I developed the taste for that particular alternative scene. Funny enough I still love today Abba, Scorpions and so on, but that's the vinyl influence from my parents. :)
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    What songs make you get up and dance?

    Yeah, we are a big influence on them, and funny enough the 9 year old just received an mp4 for Christmas, and all my mp3 songs went straight there, so now he has to be the coolest kid in the school with all his musical diversity! :) I am not the biggest dancer @Decentlady, it's not just any...
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    Flute is actually one of the few musical instruments I have around my house, it belongs to my younger kid. He brought it from school, apparently what I was paying for him to attend musical lessons included a flute lol, but he doesn't pay the flute any attention. On the other hand my older kid...
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    Amazon has them.

    What do you mean @Jason, it's sad for the mom and pop store? I think that mandolins are not very common instruments, but they are easy to find, considering we are looking for them. Amazon is a general retailer and has it, as you mention, so any specialized music store will have it as well.
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    Piano has lost its popularity

    Not only keyboards are expensive, but also we need a big room to have a piano. More, practicing in our flat our house can be loud, so there are quite a few things these days that make it harder to play the piano. Good point right there @Jason, moving a piano can sometimes cost almost as much as...
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    Hоw hаrd is it tо lеаrn tо plаy thе viоlin?

    Wow, 7 years it's quite some time, but no surprise here really, I mean, mastering a violin or any other instrument does take it's time. Starting young is a big advantage no question there, as we almost become one with the instrument and everything gets easier.
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    Negative influence

    It's not easy to teach them that with words, because they tend to follow the example and not what we say to them. So being a parent is in fact growing up because we need to be a good role model. Music is great, but we do need to select adequate music for kids.
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    What songs make you get up and dance?

    It's amazing for kids to see those actors on the air though. When my wife doesn't have dinner at home, and it's just me and the kids, my cellphone blasts dinner time with punk or rock and we have concert-dinners. Not recommended for mums though! :D
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    Whаt is yоur fаvоritе сlаssiсаl piесе?

    Just had to listen that Turkish March you mention, not bad. :) I personally prefer something more like this, more dynamic:
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    Negative influence

    As a parent, I cannot control everything my kids do. More, we live in a free world, so people have the right to express themselves freely. At the same time, if I realize an artist is a negative influence, I forbid my kids to listen to it. So from the perspective of an artist, I'd say it would be...
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    Is piano the easiest instrument to learn?

    I really doubt that the piano is the easiest instrument to learn. I know that it's easy to hit the keys, but from there to playing a symphony composed by the great masters is a huge leap. The fact that we can sit down and hit some keys is a nice beginning, but I actually think the piano is one...