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    How to get started?

    I really want to learn piano, it's something I've wanted to do ever since I was a kid. I want to know it well enough to be able to write songs on it, and to be able to say I 'play' it comfortably. It's embarrassing if someone says 'well, show me!' and you sit down at a piano and can barely play...
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    Bowed Psaltery

    That sounds like such a fun instrument! I had a look on Google for some videos of people playing it and it's a really appealing, interesting sound. They're such a funky shape too, like something from the dreams of Jeff Mangum
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    There's nothing more to say

    There's nothing more to say
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    Baritone Uke

    Does anyone here have any experience with baritone ukuleles? They are beautiful instruments but I'm not sure how to play them compared to a more "standard" uke. I think the tuning is the same but a few steps down? If anyone here knows more about them I would love to know! I really want one but...