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  1. Jason

    How easy is to master a guitar?

    In that case, the joke about punk rockers only knowing three chords is really on the joker. ;)
  2. Jason

    Is thеrе аn еаsiеr wаy tо plаy thе Е сhоrd?

    These string instruments are so much different than the piano - which has no movable quality to it. In the latter's case, all the chords look different.
  3. Jason

    Music while travelling

    Traveling without music or talk radio is fine, but your mind has to focus on something other than the road (or whatever else).
  4. Jason

    What is your opinion on rap?

    Saying something sucks is making an opinion - but it's a very strong one and often unjustified. However, there might be a few things that deserve it, but I think the term is used too loosely, tbh.
  5. Jason

    Do you like listening to old songs?

    I like listening to old music, but I'd probably like more new stuff if I gave it a chance.
  6. Jason

    What is your opinion on rap?

    That seems to be the case with most things, but sometimes there is a case to made for objective opinions. For instance, do I really want to understand the misunderstood Caligula?
  7. Jason


    There are decently priced ones and the ones that are absolutely cheap - as in price and quality.
  8. Jason

    Do you like opera?

    Maybe it's less interesting because it's in a foreign language. o_O Has anyone heard opera in their own language?
  9. Jason

    Why dо mоst tееnаgеrs sееm tо nоt likе сlаssiсаl musiс?

    Actually, I wasn't aware that even adults liked classical music that much. :rolleyes: I mean, how many classical stations are there in comparison to other ones?
  10. Jason

    Love this forum !!

    Love this forum !!
  11. Jason

    Whаt аrе thе hаrdеst аspесts оf plаying viоlin?

    Vibrato seems to be a major challenge. Also, of course, if you're a classical violinist, then reading notes is up there also.
  12. Jason

    Mouth organ

    The harmonica would be the mouth organ. :) Note, it seems like a kid's toy sometimes, but I've heard some really powerful solos from bands like Led Zeppelin. I don't think it should be underestimated.
  13. Jason

    Negative influence

    There is sort of a dark side to the music industry. I don't think all the performers got to where they are in an honest fashion.
  14. Jason

    Is the bass simple to play?

    It's true the bass can be simple to play, but so can most other instruments. They all have simple beats and whatnot. Note, actually saying some instruments are simple - in general - is false.
  15. Jason

    I love the sound of banjo

    It's popular in bluegrass. Nonetheless, I haven't heard it in an orchestra that much. However, I'm sure it's there in some unusual pieces.
  16. Jason

    Piano has lost its popularity

    Old school TVs, not the flat screens, are another huge item that can be bought for cheap. In fact, you might be able to get an old school big screen for 200 USD or less. On top of that, some the smaller ones are often free or can be gotten for between 5 and 15 dollars.:)
  17. Jason

    Negative influence

    Possibly kids and teenagers cannot understand why they're wrong. I know I didn't care when I was a teenager - but looking at the music industry now, I am more cynical.
  18. Jason

    Formal teaching......

    With the rise of the internet, and especially YouTube, you see a real threat to traditional teachers. Of course, though, that's happened only since around 1995.
  19. Jason

    Amazon has them.

    Lots of online music stores exist. You don't have limit yourself to Amazon. However, it's sad for the mom and pop store.:(, or is it?
  20. Jason

    Piano has lost its popularity

    Well, keyboards are not that expensive. Of course, that's assuming your just wanting something to learn on. Anyhow, I disagree that pianos are always expensive. You can often buy some for a few hundred dollars cause often they've become these huge things that people want to get rid of...