Attending a concert

Have you attended a concert by a popular band or singer? I don't go for such events because sometimes the crowd becomes unruly. But later in life, I was able to attend a live concert that featured a classmate of mine. She is a balladeer and used to be a popular singer during the matinee idol years and she still sings now. The concert was a success and since the ticket is expensive, the crowd was a good one, responsive but decent.
I have attended few concerts and I agree with you regarding the unpredictable crowd.

I found it to be an amazing experience always and went home very contended and happy.

The way concerts involve you is what makes it amazingly charming.
I have been to a few concerts during my days at the college. Yes, emotions could get very high at concerts that it literally become difficult to manage the scene. Maybe as you rightly put it if the ticket price is raised high it could help screen out unruly characters. In the last concert I attended of the artists that performed was an upcoming one but today he is among the top five in the country.
Yeah, I have been to a few concerts. I like going to concerts, the atmosphere is very good, everyone is dancing, everyone is drunk etc etc. And you get to meet new people.
I've attended quite a few concerts and music festivals and I have to say that I love both the music and the atmosphere. One thing I don't like that much is listening to performers with 60 or more years because I think they are a shadow of what they were and it's disappointing. Just recently I watched the Stones in Rock in Rio Lisbon and I didn't enjoyed it. A couple of years before I did love Bon Jovi (and I am not the biggest fan of him), so it also depends on the artist.
I only attended one concert since that was all I could afford. It was a a Shakira concert and I was invited by my auncle so I can keep my cousin company. My cousin and I really loved her music and the concert wasn't as rough as I thought. It was one of the best experiences I ever had.
I've attended Shakira's concert in Rock in Rio Lisbon maybe 6 years ago and it was a great show she gave. I guess it helps the fact that she has a lot of hits and we know all the songs, it's better to enter in the spirit of the concert. :) She is a great entertainer too, so overall one of my best concerts either.