Do you think music affects advertising?

There are a lot of advertisements nowadays particularly on televisions and on social media sites. I wonder if the music used in advertisements has an effect on how the people would see it? I mean an advertisement with a good background music is a bit catchy rather than an advertisement without a decent music or a boring one, isn't it?

What are your thoughts?
I agree with this. Surely it can effect with good results. Good music in compare to no music or boring music with advertise can attract the viewers too see more about the ad or product. I have never thought about music with ads, but yes it sounds good and can work for sure.
I'm pretty sure it can if the music is popular enough. If a commercial has a popular tune then the audience will stay for the tune and may pay attention to the advertisement. It works fairly well if you think about it.
If there are children in your house, particularly toddlers, observe them when you are watching tv. When a commercial is aired, the toddler would stand at attention obviously attracted by the commercial more likely because of the music. One musician said that the soundtrack of the movie is very important likewise with the commercial, it wouldn't be effective if there is no music (unless the commercial was designed to be silent). And I believe that music holds 50% of the commercial value.
I think good music on adverts will make it grab more attention thereby making many people to see the product being advertised. Music makes adverts interesting to the audience, it maybe an already popular song or one that was just composed to sell the product.
Most of the time if I like the music I automatically like the entire commercial. It's as if the whole song makes the whole commercial at times. If I dislike it I skip or turn it off right away. I tend to stay tuned if the commercials music is catchy or funny.


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Yes it does of course but you know making advertisement isn't really easy. It has to be thoroughly researched. Even thinking about the Copy is very hard what else if we are going to add music. Audio in adverts adds to its productions/posting costs. If you are the company who's asking to make ads of course you'll make sure that the music selection you'll be adding to the ad will create an impact to whoever sees the ad and listen to the music.
An advert that goes with sweet music will most likely be the first to capture the attention of the customers. People get interested if not for the product at first then certainly for the music.
Yes it does, if the music playing in the background appeals to you then you are more likely to pay attention with what's being offered. Whether you become interested in the product itself or finding out what the song is, is up to you.
This holds true for me atleast. Not in terms of inclination to buy the product being advertised but t let the ad run and sing/hum along the music being played. I am also more likely to remember such ads rather than those without music.
Yes music affects our thinking. Watch a movie trailer, and listen to that bass that goes DOOOOOM. Almost every new movie trailer has that to build up the hype so you would watch the movie. Also if you find an ad with a song you know you will probably remember the song when you see the product again and buy it.
Very interesting thread you created here @Jasmin Cottontail as there is no commercial, brand or company that doesn't has music or an associated tune. The fact is that those tunes enter our heads and advertising is made short because of music and therefore cheaper. I think the musical aspect might be the most important aspect in a commercial!
That's true but most people who make these advertisements are good in their job. They know which music to play and we can give them the credit for that. However, some may have the wrong interpretation of a song and they may use it to send the wrong message.
That's analyzed to the detail level @ptahm22. Not only they are good at their jobs, as they can make studies to see what kind of songs will have the best impact and they might even hire a composer to compose a song for a particular add. It's a billion dollar industry, so they can afford advertise and make a top add because they will have their return.
A catchy song can definitely help make an ad more attention-getting. How many of us have gotten a song stuck in our head from a commercial, or come to associate, whether consciously or subconsciously, a certain song with a certain ad or product?