Electric Guitar amplifier price

Does anyone know of a good amplifier that sells for a decent price? I know nothing of amplifier prices and I'd like to know if any of you know what a good deal would be. I'd like to purchase one for someone.


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This is an hard question to answer without a few more details really. You can pick up your bog standard amplifiers from any music shop from as little as around £50 but it depends what your going to be using it for. One of those will be alright for a small room or garage and for practicing, but if your going to be performing in larger areas then you can pay anything upto £4000 for some.
I am not very sure about this but from the little idea I have about guitar amplifier you can get a very good and superb one for around $700. Example of this amplifier is the Orange Amplifiers
If you are not looking for a good quality amplifier, but not one that is suitable for a concert, i would suggest a Line 6 amplifier, particularly the line 6 spider classic 15.
It is amazing and with amazing quality of sound, great durability, Lots of features and tone modulations, built-in tone save slots, etc.
I is ONLY $99.
It has so many effects, you wont even need a pedal, great for a beginner as well as a Professional.
Line 6 Spiders are pretty garbage, and most beginners end up hating those pretty soon. I say look what bands/genres you like and look up what amps in your price range would suit it better. You can get a pretty good practice amp for around $300-400 that sounds good enough to where you can actually learn and appreciate what you're doing instead of having some cheap junk.