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  1. Decentlady

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    For those of you who have played or listened to flute will agree with me that it can be mermesizing.

    I love peaceful tunes on a quiet day, I find flute one instrument that can stand out among all others.

    I have played flute and I still have about two of them with me.
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  2. biege

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    I agree. And flute is one of the most overlooked musical instruments. I don't see anyone using it nowadays. I've been playing flute since I was in grade school, unfortunately, no one teaches us how to play it so you really have to learn it yourself. The mellow music of flute reminds me of the breezy and sunny days on the farm.
  3. belovedad

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    I like flute too. It's such a simple yet powerful instrument. I have one, I sometimes use it for flute playing and beat boxing. My friends seem to enjoy me doing it.
  4. TheKnight

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    I learned how to play the flute when I was younger but I've forgotten most of the music I used to be able to play. I learned how to play the Terminator 2 theme at one point but that was sadly forgotten.
  5. to7update

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    Flute is actually one of the few musical instruments I have around my house, it belongs to my younger kid. He brought it from school, apparently what I was paying for him to attend musical lessons included a flute lol, but he doesn't pay the flute any attention. On the other hand my older kid loves it and is always asking to take it to school. Can you believe musical instruments are forbidden in his school??
  6. Decentlady

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    Many schools are yet to introduce or encourage music at early stages. Something which I see as a hinderance in a child's mental development.

    Studies show that music has soothing effect that relaxes the mind and brings joy. If played among a group it brings unity.

    Most games periods are wasted in many schools as half of them either don't have the teacher or appropriate games facilities. In such cases, music classes can be a great introduction/replacement.

    Few simple instruments like flute and mouth organs can be a good start. Children can practice that at home as well.


    The sound of flute is the most soothing sound that I love to hear. It is so relaxing and mesmerizing.

    It has potential to calm down any disturbed soul.

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