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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ptahm22, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. ptahm22

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    Since the 1960s tens of thousands of people must have taught themselves to play rock instruments without having lessons or taking grade exams. Looking at some of the top performers in their game, I wonder if they would have succeeded if they had learnt in the traditional, formal way.
  2. to7update

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    This is a very interesting question, but even if I don't have deep knowledge about this (or any knowledge at all haha), I dare to say that musicians have to be pretty much like business men, some didn't have classes to become the greatest, simply because it's something that runs in their blood, they have that talent, they were born to do it.
  3. Jason

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    With the rise of the internet, and especially YouTube, you see a real threat to traditional teachers. Of course, though, that's happened only since around 1995.
  4. Decentlady

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    I still feel some kind of a formal teaching at some point in time may be necessary even to the most talented. You may know the basics but you still need to be polished.
  5. Alexandoy

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    Most of my cousins learned the piano when they were young. The piano was the craze during that era. They were taught by a teacher. And from what I remember, there is a grade in piano lessons like you progress to grade 2 when you had completed the basics. But when my cousins grew and became adults, none of them became exceptional. On the contrary, I have this friend who was so good with the guitar. He studied the keyboard by himself. Now he is a band member as a keyboardist.
  6. Decentlady

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    I think this depends on talent and interest of a person. While it is true that the best of the teacher can not teach a pupil the best of skills, those simply observing an instrument being played online can master it.

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