Hоw dо I еsсаpе frоm listеning tо а singlе sоng mаny mаny timеs?

Hоw dо I еsсаpе frоm listеning tо а singlе sоng mаny mаny timеs?
Sоngs likе bоhеmiаn rhаpsоdy,i put а spеll by ссR...еtс еtс...аnd is thаt nоrmаl?.
Haha, that has happened many times. When I have that problem, I listen to an album full of my favorite songs. One song is always bound to stick to me. It's an endless cycle but at least it's a new song.
I would say very normal. It is not just listening to it but I find myself repetitively singing the same song for days until I get vexed and purposely sing another one just to get my head cleared of the favourite one.

I find it keep playing in my brains till I want to scream.
I have that same habit most of the time. I can listen to the same three songs all day every day. If you enjoy and relax listening to them why stop. I will replay them to pass time or simply to sing along to them. This is normal because we are happy doing so plus I don't think it hurts us.
Haha, so this question really makes me laugh as there are some songs that are always on the radio, true. There isn't exactly a formula to avoid this as many times when zapping between different radio stations, the same songs appear. So yeah, the logical solution seems to be mp3 or CDs, in those cases we are the masters of our own sound. :)
This has happened many times, and because of this I couldn't sleep for days. I usually listen to one song 2-3 times a day max, so I won't have it stuck in my head. Try to listen to other songs even if you want to listen to that one over and over again.
lol you could not sleep for days @serbog? :D I am now wondering what sort of song is that... :)

That's the issue with radio stations I believe, they have their economical agreements with music studios that most likely pay they to put a song X times per day until we get sick of it, I don't know if that makes any sense considering we have tons and tons of excellent music that they never play again.