Have you ever played bass?

I have, though am not a professional but every year we have a festival that plays half of the musical instruments and I have been fortunate enough to work along with the team and so pick up tit and bits of all the instruments.

Have you had the opportunity to play too?
I played an upright bluegrass bass at one time. I can also work with a rock bass to some extent. Note, the bass has the same notes as the four lower strings of a guitar. Therefore, a guitar player can easily transition over.
I'm not an expert bass player, but I've tried it a few times and I've even been a bit surprised by the result because I learned some things pretty fast. But in overall, I don't think it's that so easy to play it. However, with the necessary dedication and attention, it shouldn't take so long.

From what I've learned until today, I found it very interesting. ;)
When I was in grade school, there was a musical band that did their practice beside the house of my grandma. During breaks, I would tinker with the big bass thinking it was a big guitar. The player taught me some basics and I was able to play by remembering the chords. When I started creating minus one in digital format, the bass didn't give me a hard time since the patterns are easy.
Well, just like you even I am not expert, but I have tried it few times. I have interest in different kind of music instruments but honestly I am yet to perfect any of it. So sam goes for this one too, I tried it few times but all goes on just basic level. In fact I wasn't able to play it correctly at all. Though one of my friend can play it quite good and I love to listen it. I got inspired by it but I ended up by listening him only.Lol.