How do deaf people learn about music?

I'm curious with this question since I love music and I can't pass a day without singing even one song. That's why I wonder how deaf people learn about music? I know it really is difficult for them since they can't hear properly or they can't even hear a thing. If it's possible for them to learn, how?
Possibly they never know what music is. It depends on if they had hearing before. Note, Beethoven went deaf at some point, but kept composing.
That's going to be difficult trying to get a deaf person learn music orally. I can't fathom the workability of that. But if it's about learning how to write music I am sure this will be possible.
If they were born deaf then they will never truly know what music is. They can see people's reaction to sound but they can never experience it. It's sad but that's reality. Though, deafness or should I say, staying deaf these days is rare. Medicine and technology is strong in that area.
Maybe they learn by feeling the vibration of the melody since all the other senses are enhanced. They might not get to know the real music only the feeling.
I guess it varies and depends on the degree of deafness.

It is totally different for someone who had known and heard music before and later gone deaf.

The one who was born deaf do not really feel or know the beats but can dance on it nontheless.

The recent improvements in technology helped many deaf people hear.
I've seen some deaf people say that they enjoy the vibration of the music and they can actually feel the bass well and gives them the urge to dance or tap their foot. People claim this is specially effective in the car with a good sounsd system.