I love the sound of banjo

Discussion in 'Banjo' started by Alexandoy, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    As what I said in the thread's title, I love the sound of the banjo for it reminds me of my younger days when we have the ambulant musical band that plays the tuba and the banjo as a sort of novelty. During my grade school days, the banjo orchestra was very popular among the students. Unfortunately, I was not admitted in the band because I did not have a banjo of my own (not to mention that I don't know how to play it). But still and all, I watched and listen as the banjo orchestra of about 20 grade school pupils was rehearsing.

    PS. Until now, I still haven't handled a real banjo. But in my midi creations, I have some banjo for the instruments.
  2. kamai

    kamai Member

    I also love the banjo's sound, very peaceful yet uplifting sound. When I here the banjo I feel like I'm at elementary school again and listening to a friend I had play it. I haven't played one myself either or even touch one but I do prefer listening to others play it.
  3. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    You are right. The soothing sound just drifts you in the past. I guess we had great memories of banjo.

    I haven't seen or heard a banjo in years and I doubt that apart from orchestra, people really play it anymore.
  4. Shine_Spirit

    Shine_Spirit New Member

    I don't like very much. I think it's a very different sound (actually, the right word is strange). Several friends musicians have tried to make me like banjo, but there is no way... I really didn't like it, and I don't like the sound. o_O

    Maybe one day I'll change my mind, but not today. :p
  5. Jason

    Jason Member

    It's popular in bluegrass. Nonetheless, I haven't heard it in an orchestra that much. However, I'm sure it's there in some unusual pieces.

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