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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by to7update, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. to7update

    to7update Member

    I was looking around and I didn't saw one of these, so it just might be a good idea for people to introduce themselves so that we start to know each others a bit?

    I am from Portugal and I love music, especially rock and alternative music (punk and grunge in the old days), but I also enjoy classic and commercial songs. So basically I like it all as long as it has my rhythm. :)

    Looking forward to see you around! :)
  2. biege

    biege New Member

    Welcome to the community @to7update. Yeah I've noticed that as well but then I guess we can just post this under the Off Topic forum section. Anyway, please have fun and enjoy your stay. :)
  3. to7update

    to7update Member

    Thanks for the welcome @biege! Yep, I am seeing that this thread doesn't have many people introducing themselves haha, so it will remain my personal introduction thread forever eventually. :) Are you into music @biege? Any instrument you play?
  4. biege

    biege New Member

    I play the piano when I was a kid but then I sold it to buy a flute. I love how warm the sounds you produce with a flute. I'm kind of interested in classical music lately, and I was planning to learn the guitar. Thank you asking. I love singing by the way, do you?
  5. to7update

    to7update Member

    So that's interesting, you sold the piano to buy a flute? :D I am guessing you had a nice profit in that transaction? :)

    I love the piano, but sadly I don't play it. Whenever I have the opportunity to be close to one I do hit some keys and try to create some harmony in the sounds. The flute doesn't attract me that much, even if I have a couple of them at home from my kids.

    I don't mind singing, but my voice is far from being great. Good for some laughs and good moments now and again though.
  6. biege

    biege New Member

    Not much but I was also able to buy a set of oil pigments, set of brushes, and an easel to paint on canvas. Just imagine after you've drawn in the meadow you are playing the flute. It's really fun and relaxing.

    Oh! That's too sad. Flutes are great musical instruments but I guess you're not into wind instruments. Are your kids still playing with their flutes?

    Haha! Do you want your voice to sound great? Try singing while you are drunk and you'll notice that you find yourself hitting the right notes. :D
  7. to7update

    to7update Member

    I see, so you paint too? My older kid still plays the flute, he loves it even if he's not great at it. He never had lessons either, so maybe that doesn't help.Drunk singing would definitely help lol at least to my hears! :D
  8. serbog

    serbog New Member

    Hello my name is Sergej, and I come from Macedonia. Currently I'm learning how to play electric guitar, and it's going pretty good. My brother has been playing for 4-5 years now. I mostly like rock, punk, new wave, and post-rock and post-punk music.
  9. to7update

    to7update Member

    Hi Sergej, welcome to the forum! Pretty great that you are learning to play the electric guitar, but out of curiosity, where do you practice? It has to be in a place where you don't have neighbors around right?

    We share the same musical interests, I'd love to hear one of your songs. :)
  10. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    Welcome to the forum. I may be late but I can now say that I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  11. anupamas2

    anupamas2 New Member

    Hi I am Anupama from India. I don't play any musical instrument but I am very much interested in teaching my children any musical instrument. My father plays Guitar.
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    Hello..I'm from India as well. I have played harmonium many years back and that too not very much.

    I love music and it is an important part of my life. Hope we both have a good time here.

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