Is piano the easiest instrument to learn?

Discussion in 'Piano' started by kokimboka, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. kokimboka

    kokimboka New Member

    Piano according to me is one of the easiest instruments to learn. It takes long to be perfect, but learning the basics anyone can learn. It only takes interest a keen ear and a lot of practice. I can't classify myself as the best pianist but it din't take me long to play a few tunes on the Piano. I guess I was really passionate about it and determined to learn. Whats your experience with the piano?
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  2. biege

    biege New Member

    It took me years to learn piano but in the end I've forgotten about it. For me though, the easiest instruments to learn would be Triangles, and Tambourines, I'm sure you know what I mean. :D
  3. TheKnight

    TheKnight Member

    I think the drums is a lot easier because it seems that you don't need to learn too much about it while with the piano, you must learn how to read the sheets, learn the keys, and recognize the sounds.
  4. JimGoodman

    JimGoodman New Member

    Hаrmоnium / kеybоаrd is thе еаsiеst. Yоu just prеss а buttоn/kеy аnd а right sоund соmеs оut. Yоu оnly usе yоur fingеrs/hаnds. еvеn if yоu dоn't hаvе аny knоwlеdgе аbоut musiс, yоu саn stаrt plаying sоmе tunе in nо timе. аs а kid, I plаyеd а fаmоus bоllywооd tunе within first 3 hоurs оf gеtting а kеybоаrd in my hаnd, withоut hеlp, just by triаl & еrrоr.
  5. to7update

    to7update Member

    I really doubt that the piano is the easiest instrument to learn. I know that it's easy to hit the keys, but from there to playing a symphony composed by the great masters is a huge leap. The fact that we can sit down and hit some keys is a nice beginning, but I actually think the piano is one of the hardest instruments to master.
  6. Shine_Spirit

    Shine_Spirit New Member

    Easy? (Are you kidding me? :p) No way!

    I think it's just the opposite: It's one of the most difficult instruments to learn. A friend tried to teach me and I didn't even want to have a second class. :cool: Maybe I was out of patience in that day, but I think it's difficult.

    However, I think the piano sound is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Very harmonic, softy and brings an incredible inner peace. :)
  7. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    I think here you will have varied opinions since it is really individual opinion. Some may find one instrument much easier than the other.

    I think piano is relatively easier than other instruments. I find flute much difficult than a piano.
  8. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I tried to learn piano by myself whenever I would go to my grandmother's house. But I was not successful. I tried to learn the guitar by myself when my brother bought one. And I was quite successful. That clearly shows that the guitar is easier to learn. Until now I don't know how to play the piano with 2 hands.
  9. naruto100

    naruto100 New Member

    Honestly saying I have tried to play it many times. And many times I got success too with playing music of some songs. But yes it wasn't easy. I have to give quite more time for making it perfect. So that way it look easy, but learning it professionally , I don't think it will be easy. Even though I can play some songs on it, it doesn't mean I can play everything. For that I need to learn it thoroughly. And that thing is I guess quite hard.

    So I will not say it is the easiest one.

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