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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Decentlady, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. to7update

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    These days we can find on Youtube certain troll songs that are a dishonor to music, but kids love them and replicate them to exhaustion, so that's a really bad influence that gets totally under my skin, and I tell my kids not to sing them. LOL, I guess I am a strict dad. :)
  2. Jason

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    Possibly kids and teenagers cannot understand why they're wrong. I know I didn't care when I was a teenager - but looking at the music industry now, I am more cynical.
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  3. to7update

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    Kids and teenagers don't think much, they just exist and do stuff without thinking. From a certain age on is when we start thinking. What do you mean about that @Jason, that looking at the music industry makes you more cynical?
  4. Jason

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    There is sort of a dark side to the music industry. I don't think all the performers got to where they are in an honest fashion.
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    I see. So you say music industry is pretty much like politics, involving corruption and other less clear situations? No surprise there to be honest @Jason, as wherever we see money involved (an music industry moves millions), there is always dishonesty. We get the good part I believe, the pleasure to listen to great music. :)
  6. Alexandoy

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    I don't like rap but it's all right if they play it. What I don't like are songs with obscenities. There was an era when the so called green songs became popular. The lyrics pertain to sex and related subjects. There are songs with subtle approach to sex and there are some with words literally describing sex. Those songs give a negative impression to children.
  7. naruto100

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    I just used to ignore that kind of songs. It is true that these days some music are just meaning less and covered the bad words too. But I don't think we can do anything on it as many youngsters like these kind of songs too. Personally I just avoid this kind of songs so no negative influence to me so far.

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