What is a dulcimer?

Discussion in 'Dulcimer' started by to7update, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. to7update

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    You guys are going to forgive my ignorance, but it's the first time I am hearing about this instrument! So I asked google what a dulcimer is and the answer is:


    Now I do wonder, are there many people playing this instrument?
  2. JimGoodman

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    This is whаt I wаs tоld by Dulсimеr plаyеrs. I hаvе nоt соnfirmеd this stоry:
    Whеn sеttlеrs frоm thе British Islеs саmе tо whаt is nоw thе аppаlасhiаn Mоuntаins оf thе US, thеy hаd tо саrry еvеrything in оr pаy оthеrs tо саrry things. With littlе mоnеy, gооd wооd, аnd оld wоrld skills, thеy mаdе/dеvеlоpеd/invеntеd Dulсimеrs sо thеy соuld plаy thе sоngs thеy brоught frоm thе оld соuntry. Sоmе pаrts оf thе аppаlасhiаns hаvе stаyеd pооr аnd isоlаtеd, hоmе tо finе wооd wоrkеrs аnd instrumеnt buildеrs.
  3. Decentlady

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    I think Africans use similar if not same instrument to play. Although, they carve it by themselves.

    How is this instrument played? Strings like guitar? Sticks like drums?
  4. tonyb

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    Going by the picture you have there I would say the instrument in some way have resemblance to the guitar. What I can gather a little is that it's a string instrument just like the guitar. It typically is made of three or four strings. And originated from the United State, in the Appalachian region.

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