What is your musical aspiration?

I imagined myself to be a band member when I was young. A band in the style of the Beatles. Unfortunately, I wasn't good in music. For one, I don't have a good voice so singing is out of the question. And then my guitar knowledge did not prosper. So you can guess what happened next... nothing happened.

With a stroke of luck, I discovered that I could write songs even with no training whatsoever. After writing 100 songs, I started joining songwriting contests. Lucky me, I won 3 times.
Wow @Alexandoy. That is truly amazing. I do write poetry however, I have never really looked into writing songs. I wouldn't know how to. I love singing but I have a voice of a crow.

So that's a dream. I learnt multiple musical instruments but could perfect none.

So, it's all left behind now.