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  1. Jason5

    Your own song/music

    Have you ever composed a Song or music which is of your own. I see many compose a music and release it in YouTube. Do you do that?
  2. Jason5

    MeowsePad is here

    Hello and welcome to the forum. The avatar doesn't look scary and i think you won't scare us away.
  3. Jason5

    Instrument Brand to choose

    For Guitar i heard Gibson is a very good brand to choose likewise every instrument has top brands?
  4. Jason5


    That is good to hear. My friend is practising Base Guitar in his house and he has become very good in it. He sends me the audio of his practice session.
  5. Jason5


    When i was learning Violin i never ever practiced it in my home. When we had some program we use to practice for few hours that's it.
  6. Jason5

    Self learning of Instruments

    That is really nice to know that. So you listen to a song or music for a while and then start playing it ?
  7. Jason5

    Post waiting time

    If there is more than 2 users posting and discussing. They need to wait for more than 2 minutes to reply. Shorter period gives a good flow of conversation.
  8. Jason5

    King of Instruments

    Ah i see, i heard few say Violin is the king of instrument. Maybe opinion differs or there is nothing like King of Instruments?
  9. Jason5

    King of Instruments

    Do any instrument known as King of Instruments if so why it is named?
  10. Jason5

    Post waiting time

    Post waiting time seems to be very high. Can it be reduced, i know it is pretty useful in avoiding spams. But i think Xenforo does a good job in avoid spammers. The error goes like this "Oops! We ran into some problems. You must wait at least 103 seconds before performing this action. "
  11. Jason5

    Self learning of Instruments

    Do you self learn instruments by watching YouTube Videos or listening to songs? One of my friend self learns and he is pretty good at it.
  12. Jason5

    Hello friends

    Hello friends this is Jason from India. I used to play Violin and i stopped as i lost interest. But now planning learn Keyboard or Drums.
  13. Jason5

    Cleaning & Tuning

    I used to own a Violin, the cleaning part will be done by me and the tuning part will be done by my friend.