Is Bob marley the greatest icon of Reggae music?

I'm not much of a fan of this genre, but because of the little I've read (and heard) about Reggae, the name "Bob Marley" is always present as one of the greatest representatives of this musical genre. But do you think he's really the biggest icon when it comes to Reggae or is it all just a media question (a matter of exaggeration)?


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Bob Marley isn't just a Reggae icon, but a musical icon, and a name that you can mention to anybody regardless of what music genre they are in to, will always be held in high regard. There aren't many musicians that manage to gain the respect of the entire music industry, but Bob Marley as managed to do that, and for a long period of time. People now ate still buying his albums and listening to his music, and that says something about just what impact he had and still has on music as a whole.

Bob Marley will always be seen as the musician that transformed Reggae music and made it mainstream, but not only that, his name sits alongside greats such as Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix and that in itself suggests that his legacy will always live on as one of the greatest musicians of all time.
He is certainly the most recognizable, and so for a genre of music that is probably not as well known as others, I would say yes. There are some other goods ones though and hopefully they are mentioned in the same breath, at least in some manner.
Yeah,Bob Marley was great but what about Jimmy Cliff,I think he is still around playing some great music as well. I did see him on the PBS music show Austin City Limits,and I think that was the first time I heard him sing. He also covers some great songs as well !


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@Francis88 and @Folk Artist, as you both say, there are other Reggae artists past and present that of course do deserve a mention, but I'm not sure they can be held in the same esteem as Bob Marley himself. Reggae as a form of music isn't widely listened to around the world, but mention the name of Bob Marley to ANYBODY and they will immediately know who you are talking about and be able to name at least 3 or 4 songs that they know and probably like, and I think that speaks volumes about just how much of a legend he is and was.

Even in other genres of music you can hear the Reggae influence sometimes, and I would say that 99% of the artist that make it, will have taken the Reggae influence form Bob Marley songs more than any other Reggae artist.
As far as being called an icon is concerned, Bob Marley is an Icon, not just in reggae genre but in the whole industry as well. He thinks differently and has gained a ton of respect. Though there are also a lot of reggae artists who can play better than Bob, it's quite different when Bob Marley is compared to them. He didn't care a lot about money and fame.


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I think that's the same with a lot of the older artists though. Back then they played and made music for the love of it and as a way to get their message across to the people. Nowadays it seems that it's all about the money and how high up you can get in the charts. If your song doesn't get to number 1 and get you a gold or platinum disc, it's considered a failure and the artist will be lucky to even make a second song.

The music industry as a while as changed for the worse in that respect, and looking at the future, I very much doubt we'll ever see another artist like Bob Marley ever again. There may well be up and coming talented artists out there, but if they only care about the music and not the industry, the industry won't care about them and they will fall by the wayside. If a major label has a choice between a pop song that will make millions or a song made by an artist that's deep and meaningful but not necessarily of any commercial value, I think we all know which one they are going to choose.
Bob Marley to me is the greatest reggae artist ever to grace this world because the songs he sang, is still able to stand the sands of time. I've been listening to Bob Marley's song for two decades now and still if I heard anyone of them now, it would be like its the first time I heard it and that what's make a legend separate from a great artiste..
Yes, Bob Marley is definitely the greatest Reggae icon ever, in fact, he is one of the greatest musical icons across all genres. His music was inspiring and uplifting and it was able to inspire political movements in Africa. All over the world, Bob Marley's is loved and renowned. One could safely say the Bob Marley's music was like the Usain Bolt of reggae music.
I think Bob Marley is defiantly the biggest reggae icon to ever exist. Not only is his music amazing, but you can go up to almost anyone and ask them who comes to mind when thinking of a reggae artist almost everyone will say Bob Marley. His image and the message he sent out to the people is one of the best out of all music artists, and will always go down as one of the greatest to make music as a whole.
Bob Marley is definately the biggest reggae icon ever. Bob Marley really boosted the appeal of reggae music around the world many many other music icons embraced his music. One such adoption was "I shot the sherriff" which Eric Clapton also made in a huge hit. Bob Marley wasn't only the biggest reggae icon but an Icon for music in general. All his songs came with some sort of inspiring message and some of them were featured in liberation struggles in Africa.
Bob Marley has made the history of the reggae music. He is famous worldwide for his music and he has million of fans. I always found some positive message in his songs. Most of the songs tell about his emotions for the love of human being. He is a nice person indeed.
Yes absolutely! Before Usain Bolt came on the scene, Bob Marley put Reggae music and Jamaica on the map. Everyone and anyone knew who he was. You cannot talk about Reggae music without mentioning his name. His influence in this music genre is so out of the world.

The reason why I think he was so great is this; at the time he started his type of music, there was nothing remotely close to what he was doing, But he did not allow this to stop him. He believed in himself, his talent, his music and he was very proud of his culture and heritage.
I don't think Bob Marley can be compared to any another Raggae artist today.He created a world of his own.Making raggae music a force to reckon with.Bob was a bundle of talent still today his works still speaks volume.Even this new generation can't resist his music.He was a living lengend.
I'm not much of a fan of this genre, but because of the little I've read (and heard) about Reggae, the name "Bob Marley" is always present as one of the greatest representatives of this musical genre. But do you think he's really the biggest icon when it comes to Reggae or is it all just a media question (a matter of exaggeration)?
I would say he is one of the greatest Icon's in reggae, and is still the most popular. Bob helped to create a Genre that still lives on today. He made reggae music international, which is very important.
I make bold to say that Bob is not just an icon of but the best brand of Raggae in his days. But there many budding Raggae talents around the world but Bob should be credited for giving it an international acceptance and goodwill.
I am not a fan of reggae music however, I like listening to Bob Marley. In fact the only reggae music I have ever listened to is from Bob Marley. I believe Bob Marley is the greatest icon of Reggae music. There was no one other like and there will be no other like him. His music is refreshing. The best thing about hos music is the messages it gives and concern it raises.
Its basically Bob Marley's passion and vision for reggae music that makes him an icon. He influenced a lot of people through his music and his story is really inspiring. His music was so adaptable by persons in different ages and genre. Even now his music live's...