What is best in country music?

For me the best part in country music is it's simplicity. Country music are very simple, even their rhythm is sometimes predictable to other listeners, but it's simplicity for me brings a lot of excitement.
I do listen to country music especially when travelling, I feel the relax and not bored. For me my favorite country music is remember when, I know its so old song but the meaning of the song is so nice, It's all about love that will last till the end.
I am not really a music person now but I enjoyed country music during the time of John Denver. I guess he was the reason why country music got popular in our country although after him it was Kenny Rogers who brought the challenge for country music against the more popular rock and metal. But it looks like country is losing its appeal. Worse, rap is getting in the way and I think rap will stay for a longer time because it is popular with the younger generation. So where is country now?