Best time to listen Jazz music

Hello everyone! New member here.

I personally love jazz music. I just find it very enjoying, fun, new and exciting. But for me, I love listening to it at mornings and during evenings. I usually have my morning coffee with jazz as a background coffee and during night time, it is either to make my evenings exciting and romantic or relaxing. How about you? When do you think is the best time to listen to jazz music?
I love jazz too. I first discovered this type of music when I visited New Orleans. It is basically the best day drinking music:p. I really enjoyed it because many music lovers actually do live performances in bars. Nowadays, I listen to jazz after work at around 5, when I'm also taking scotch.
I love jazz and I usually listen to jazz music before I go to sleep simply because it relaxes my mind and I could easily go to sleep. When I am in work I also listen to jazz to reduce stress.
Jazz music is great especially if one needs to relax the mind after having a long day .I love listening to jazz music in the evenings when I know I need a more exciting music to calm my nerves after a long day and of course it helps revitalize me and make everything in me be in really a blood tonic to my aching body.
There are many variants of jazz actually and there are times when these particular jazz types can be played. A Dave Brubeck jazz like Take Five can lighten up your sunday morning mood because it's a retro one. Jazz, of the Kenny G genre, is good to listen during the holiday season. The acoustic Alchemy type is a welcome thing when you want jazz watched on video. But all these are sometimes played at random at some live jazz internet feed and the best time to play it continuously is while doing online work.
Regardless of whether you end up at a downtown office or sitting behind your in-home office desk, the morning is where you find the energy you need to power through the day. jazz music inspire feelings of power, and produce a surge of confidence and more complex conceptual thought — a perfect start to any day.
For me, the best time to listen to Jazz is late at night or in the evening, ideally in a cold winter in a warm club with a good atmosphere. It reminds me of my teen years, so a long time since I had a jazz routine.
I remember when I used to work online fulltime, I had jazz as my background music 24/7. It doesn't make me feel sleepy and the beat is more uppity and urbane, Some jazz genres have the title City lights and obviously such music pertain to the more sophisticated city life and what better music for an online work can replace jazz. It's different though when I want to relax because I tune in to standard music, the old ones coming from Mancini, Bacharach, and the like. But when it comes to continuous online work, its jazz for me.
Yeah, I think Jazz music can take you to places that no other music can take you to, and any time is a good time to listen. It kind of relaxes you and makes you stronger as well. I also think it's for people that have a old soul like me and I think more people should listen to Jazz so it dosen't disappear. I think Amy Winehouse tried to bring it back with some great songs, including this duet with Tony Bennett below.

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