Do you prefer used or new instruments?


Hello, music fans!

When you are buying a musical instrument, do you prefer used or new? We can save a lot of money by buying used instruments but we are also risking money because there might be hidden defects or issues that can only be found by playing the instrument for a long time. Buying new will have a higher cost but it will ensure that you have an instrument that doesn't have any issue because you are the first owner.
Hi there! I will prefer new instrument if I will gonna buy. Of course, I want to use a new instrument instead of the used ones. I am the one who will gonna outburst my own instrument! Cheers!
I prefer to buy new things whenever I'm making a purchase and buying a new instrument inclusive. If my money wouldn't be enough I save more so I can still purchase it in future.I wouldn't want a bad instrument at all because it will be unwise to spend more money repairing it.
For a beginner, I would suggest the used instrument. It is much cheaper than brand new and you will not be intimidated in using it. Just like what our music teacher in high school said, you cannot learn to play the violin if what you are using is brand new and very expensive. You will learn faster if your violin is a used one and cheap in value because you can focus on your playing and not on the value of the instrument. When I learned the guitar during my high school days, I was using my brother's old guitar with only 5 strings.
In my opinion it really doesn't matter if its a new instrument or a second hand instrument. It's all about the quality of the sound and the functionality. I have both used and new instruments at home and they all worked for me.
This question depends on many different factors so there is no straightforward answer to this. If buying used instruments, you will want to ensure that the instrument is in excellent condition and to test out the instrument beforehand to ensure it is fully functional. If the instrument is new, you need to ensure that it belongs to a quality reputable brand.